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Must Have Monday - Edition 4

Y'all, I have missed the past couple of weeks, but you have been on my mind! Between paint parties and my day job, I've been running crazy! Never fear, however, I've got good stuff for you today.

If you follow me much, you will know that I have an XCarve CNC Router that I cut my door hangers with. His name is Clarence (I name all the things!) and he lives upstairs in my craft room. His one real flaw is DUST. Lots and lots of dust! Last week I ordered some things to help me combat the dust..

First, I got a new mask. I have to tell you that I hate wearing a mask.. I hate having anything cover my face, but the dust gets so bad and I don't need to inhale it. I found this wonderful thing on Amazon. It has a fan the blows fresh air into the mask, making it so much more bearable. It is battery powered, and charges with an USB cord. It also goes over your ears and connects with velcro, making it easily adjustable.

Another thing the I got to help battle the dust is this high pressure blower. I've been buying the cans of compressed air to help blow the dust out of my computers and devices, but I was going through it very quickly. This blower might not have quite as much power as the canned stuff, but it certainly does the trick. I use it to blow off my devices, my table, my painted door hangers... most anything that has dust on it. It's going to save me a lot of money!

Recently, I was introduced to these bags! They are from the Dollar Tree and are the perfect size for door hangers. They are great for storage and perfect for carrying door hangers to events without scratching them up. They are 22 inches by 30 inches, so they easily accommodate even a large hanger.

I've bought a bunch of these and will also be using them to deliver orders. It will be a nice touch, with a little bow on the top. These are the best priced bags that I have found at 50 cents each.

Recently, I was approved to be part of DecoArt's Helping Artist program. Last week, I got my starter kit. Y'all, it was like Christmas. So much paint! New kinds of paint. Lots of different colors and kinds of paint. I'm excited to try them all out. One of the first that I used was this Premium Acrylic paint. I LOVE IT!! It is creamy and thick. It paints on beautifully with wonderful coverage. I have only used the black and white, but I am very impressed with it and really looking forward to trying other colors. PS - I will be carrying some of this paint on my website soon!

To wrap things up, I want to end with a resource for you! I'm so impressed with the stuff at DecoExchange right now. If you are looking for ribbon, floral picks, mesh or other supplies, I encourage you to check it out from my affiliate link. I'm working on my ribbon order now!!

I hope that you find something here that helps you with your business or your hobby. I'll be back next week with more fun stuff. Remember, these are affiliate links. I may be paid a small commission if you purchase from these links.

Until next time...

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