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Y'all, I'm Getting Organized!!

For real, this is new. I've always wanted to be organized, but I've never quite made it. I'm determined to tackle that at my new house and I am making real progress. You see, I have been lucky and made some friends here in my hood. Organized friends. Well, one of them is super organized and she shares her wisdom with the rest of us.

When it was time to set up my kitchen, she sent me her amazon list of all the gadgets she used for her kitchen. Okay, let me be transparent, she even sent pictures of her cabinets and drawers.

My little fingers went to Amazon as fast as they could to order ALL THE THINGS! It doesn't hurt that we have the same floor plan, so I knew everything on her list would work for me.

I want to share the wisdom with you, my friends. Please know that these are affiliate links and I could receive a small commission from anything purchased.

My pride and joy in my kitchen is definitely my spice drawers. In my house in Tennessee, I had a built in spice cabinet, but I didn't love it. I had a bunch of spices that I bought loose in a ziplock bag in the cabinet. Plus, I am a bit of a spice and seasoning hoarder. I love this new set up. Granted, I had enough that I gave up 2 drawers, but they are all right at

my fingertips and I love it. And yes, I bought jars and poured most of them into the matching jars. I love how uniform it looks and I use the excess space in my drawers for the larger bottles that I didn't put in the smaller bottles.

One hint with the drawer inserts, if your drawers are not "deep" enough, do not overlap them as they are designed to do. They will fit end to end and work perfectly!

Not to be outdone, even my children were impressed by my "tupperware" storage. At my old house, there was a cabinet in which all of the tupperware was thrown in and the door

slammed quickly so it didn't all fall out. I did a major purge and most of what I have left is food storage from Ikea. It stacks nicely and between these two gadgets, it stores perfectly. There is no more searching for a container and matching lid. They are both at my fingertips. I used two different gadgets for this. One is a plate rack and the other is a cabinet organizer. The plate rack comes in a pack of two and I used the second one for the lids for my pots and pans.

One of the most versatile things that I bought for my kitchen is these little drawer inserts. I used them for my utensil drawers. They are adjustable, so you can section your space off in the way that works best for you. I love how I have the different compartments for different utensils. Yes, I like kitchen gadgets and utensils, can you tell?

And last but not least, I bought the insert that holds the Keurig K Cups. I didn't want them to be sitting on the counter and love the clean way this looks in the drawer. I also bought these silverware holders at Aldi. The one in this drawer was very large, so I decided to make it work for excess KCups and other tea bags and drink mixes.

I hope you got some ideas on ways to improve your kitchen organization. Let me know if you have any other ideas. I still have to do my pantry. It started off well, but went downhill fast. That is on my to do list this week... stay tuned...

Until next time,


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