Painter's Starter Kit

Let's be honest, when I start a new hobby, I want all the things. Let me repeat myself. All. The. Things. It's a problem really! I wanted to do embroidery. Now I have three, yes, three embroidery machines and I don't do embroidery anymore (anyone want to buy a machine??). When I started painting door hangers, I bought ALL THE PAINT. All the brushes. All the blank door hangers. Now, this hobby has stuck and become a business, so I can overlook my paint hoarding, but I wanted to give you my best "starter kit" if you are just getting started painting.

My paint of choice is DecoArt Americana. I like the color selection and variety annd, more importantly, the consistency of the paint. It has the best coverage, in my opinion. That said, right now DecoArt Americana can be hard to find.. There has been a bit of a shortage of paint since the quarantine during Covid-19. Many of the craft stores have a limited supply and some colors are even hard to find on the DecoArt website.

Also, many of my Front Door Fancy members do not live close to a craft store that sells the DecoArt paints. Therefore, I am giving you my top Apple Barrel paint colors. Apple Barrel paint is sold at Walmart and is $.50 a bottle. Most stores have a good supply.

For this starter kit, I visited a local Walmart and got most of the supplies off the craft aisle. The total for everything that I purchased was $24.05.

These are my top 25 colors:

1. Khaki

2. Antique White

3. Cool Blue

4. Tuscan Teal

5. Pewter Grey

6. Lilac Mist

7. Purple Pansy

8.English Navy

9. Admiral Blue

10. Key West (personal favorite)


12. Kings Gold

13. Yellow Flame

14. Bright Yellow

15. Sunny Day

16. Lime Tree

17. Christmas Green

18. English Ivy Green

19. Harvest Orange

20. Pink Eraser

21. Flag Red

22.Barn Red

23. Chestnut

24. Melted Chocolate

25. Burnt Umber

Additionally, I would buy a larger bottle of white and black. Apple Barrel also has a great dark grey color called Pavement. It is a staple in my craft room. Apple Barrel does not have great orange colors, in my opinion. I suggest seeking "Spiced Pumpkin" from DecoArt for a nice, warm orange color.

I also picked up a couple of packs of brushes. If you have watched me paint, you will know that I live the triangle handle brushes. They are easy to hold and paint with. The pack has six brushes and the pack is about $4.00.

I am terrible about leaving my brushes in the water when I finish painting. That will ruin a wooden handled brush faster than one of these brushes because they have a hard plastic handle. NOTE: It's never good to leave your brushes in the water because it will cause your bristles to bend and makes them harder to use.