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A Little Buffalo Plaid on a Saturday Afternoon

I can’t lie! I love buffalo plaid. I love red and black. I love black and white. I love it all. I even like to paint it.

I’ve found that there are several different ways to paint buffalo plaid. Normally I free hand it. I’ve got a pretty steady hand, and I don’t have a need for things to be “perfect”. Today, though, I was painting something that needed a little more finesse.

I love this design that I bought from

. I love it! I painted the pumpkin and the football and had to get started on the cup.

First I taped the vertical lines. I used a small piece of tape for guide to keep them lines even.

I taped the vertical lines first. I used an extra piece of tape in between the strips to make sure that I have the spacing right.

Next I painted the red stripes. I was very careful when painting to not push paint under the tape. I’m notoriously messy, so I took my time.

I pulled the tape off and patted myself on the back for a job well done!

Next, I carefully painted the gray lines. They didn’t need to e exactly perfect, but the closer to straight, the better!

Next, after it dried a bit, I put the horizontal tape on. I used the same method as the vertical stripes to keep them spaced appropriately.

For the horizontal stripes, I painted the gray fairly thin. I wanted the red to show through just a bit.

Once the horizontal stripes were painted, I used my UniPosca pen to outline square of 2. They all have a slightly different color so it looks very interesting.

All painted and outlined. Now to finish the rest of the hanger!! Here is the finished product!!

I hope this was helpful! Stay tuned for more tutorials and fun stuff!!

Keep it crafty,


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