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Must Have Mondays - Take 3

I can't believe another week has passed so quickly! School has started, my baby is driving, and I am less than 44 days from my biggest event of the year. The next 7 weeks will fly by, but I am happy to have this space to keep myself grounded.

Some of the links below are “affiliate links.” This means if you click a link and purchase an item, I will receive a small affiliate commission that helps me to be able to continue with this blog and hopefully continue to inspire you as well.

The big event this week was the announcement of the Creative Clique 2020 Retreat. This is so exciting to me! I will be holding my first crafting event, January 24 - 26, 2020 in Clarksville, TN. Details are on the "Creative Clique" tab on my page. It is going to be AMAZING!!

Three days of crafting, learning and creating with old friends and new friends! We are planning 4-5 great projects, a wonderful lunch and free crafting time during the evenings. Early bird pricing ends on October 31st.

I've blogged about my 100 Days of Bible Promises book a couple of times. I love this book. In addition to feeding my soul, it gives me a quick creative outlet. I am obsessed with my brush pens. Now, let me tell you, keeping pens in one place in my house is a challenge. My daughter also loves pens. Office supplies make her happy. (She is her mother's daughter!) Anyway, I love these Crayola markers. For someone who is just learning to do hand-lettering, these were inexpensive and I love the tin that they came in. There is room to add to your collection of pens in the tin, which, of course, I have done! I would love to hear what pens you love!

Another thing that I am loving is DecoArt Americana paint! Slowly, but surely, I am replacing my Apple Barrel paints with DecoArt Americana paints. I love the coverage and the variety of colors that they offer. I'm also a big fan of their specialty outdoor paints..

I've just started following the Keto way of eating. I've done it before with good success. In fact, I haven't had a sweet tea in a week, and that is BIG for me! I am also addicted to Diet Coke.. This Zevia is a great alternative.. They have tons of flavors and they are all very tasty. My very favorite is the Black Cherry, but the Grape, Orange and Cola are also very good. Amazon has the great variety pack! (The good news is that I have already lost 6lbs! I'm sure there will be some great Keto recipes coming your way!)

One last thing! A few months ago I was at the "fancy" Belk doing some shopping and found the Laura Mercier counter. If you aren't from the South, Belk is our southern department store. We have one in my county, but the "fancy" store is in Brentwood. I was getting ready for my big trip to Italy and wanted to get some quick and easy make up for the trip. This powder is the best I have ever used.. It is translucent, but perfect for smoothing and blending. Trust me, it is the best!

That's it for this week! It is so much fun sharing these things that I love with you every week. Let me know some of the things you love!!

Until next time....

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