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Monday Must Haves - Aug 5

Love this door hanger with attachments. Thank goodness for the velcro listed below!

Last week was a great week of travel, with both good business and great family time. I had a business trip that took me to Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio. My birth father's family is in Columbus, so it was a great opportunity to see my brother and his family. My aunt had a birthday party for my daughter and I got to see aunts and uncles and even meet some new cousins. This birth family stuff is kinda fun!

Some of the links below are “affiliate links.” This means if you click a link and purchase an item, I will receive a small affiliate commission that helps me to be able to continue with this blog and hopefully continue to inspire you as well.

I even had a little time to paint this weekend and I am obsessed with some new paint. I had never used ceramcoat glitter paint before. I bought this paint a couple of months ago when it was on clearance and used it for the first time this weekend. It is so pretty and smooth. I used clear and silver and they added the perfect touch to my Hocus Pocus Door hanger.

Lately, I have been painting a lot of door hangers with attachments. I love the versatility of these projects and I have enjoyed painting the smaller attachments. I've found this velcro to use for attaching the attachment to the hanger. I use the "sticky" and also put a staple from my staple gun in the velcro. This stuff is great. It's nice and thin and will hold up to 10lbs. Perfect for my door hangers.

One of my absolute favorite tools and one that I can't live without is my Apple Pencil. I am designing door hangers more and more often and I am using my Apple Pencil and Procreate on my iPad. It makes it so easy to be creative and from there I can easily transfer the design from Procreate to the Easel software to Clarence, my CNC machine that I cut my door hangers with. I had a pencil for a couple of years before I started using Procreate and simply didn't understand the value of it! It's the best!

On a personal note, I LOVE my Dia Box. If you don't know what a Dia Box is, it is like Stitch Fix, but for "fluffy" girls. I've been getting my box for about a year and I have kept the whole box almost every time. It is a $20 fee to get the box. They take that $20 off whatever you buy. Each box has 4-5 items. My experience has been that everything fits! It is amazing how well the things I have received have fit. One of the reasons that I like it is that I get things that I would not ordinarily try one, so it gets me out of the box a little. If you would like to try a Dia Box, please use my referral link!

That's all for this week! See you with my new "must haves" next week!

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