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Must Have Monday - Edition 5

I’ve been out of touch for a couple of weeks, busy with my day job. I am the event director at a large veteran event in Clarksville, Tennessee. I’ll blog more about that later. It is always the third weekend in September, so I disappear for a couple of weeks.

That said, I am ready to jump back in to my ”fun job.” I’ve come across a few ”must haves” to share with you.

As we have previously established, I am a fluffy girl. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well. Last year, I got a pair of “Celebrity Pink” jeans in my Dia Box. These are the most comfortable jeans that I have ever owned. They fit will and feel like pajamas. I’ve worn the original pair out and have purchased more! And... these are on sale! You can trust that I am ordering a new pair tonight.

I don't know about you, but I am ready to decorate for fall. And let's not forget that I am obsessed with buffalo plaid. Hobby Lobby has a ton of it! I found these pillows on Amazon and they are currently in my shopping cart! Don't tell hubby, though. He doesn't understand why we need more pillows!! Aren't they the cutest??

I love these mixed media books! I have been practicing my hand lettering and these are perfect for my doodling with my markers. I also use these when I am doing my parties to demonstrate different techniques. It makes it very easy to carry the book with me and either write a word or show someone how to do shading. They are very handy! I also have them in various sizes so I can drop one in my suitcase when I travel and still have the need to create!

I've recently taken a step outside my comfort zone and started painting on canvas. I ordered a pack of these canvases and I love them. They are about $1 each and I don't mind wasting them if I hate what I paint. It has opened a whole new world of ideas and options that don't' require a lot of effort to get started, i.e. cutting wood.

Those are my current favorite finds. I'm excited to get started on fall and Christmas projects and parties. This will be a busy and exciting couple of months and I am ready to get things started. This week, I will blog about my veterans event. It is the thing that i do that I am most proud of. It is something that I work on for most of the year. I can't wait to tell you all about it.

These are affiliate links. If you purchase something from one of these links, I will be paid a small commission. Thank you for supporting my small business.

Until next time...

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