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A Noteable November

It's just hard to believe that December is here already. 2018 passed with what felt like a blink of the eye. November was a great month that, for me, included a trip to Tunica, Mississippi, 2 high school football games in Jackson, Tennessee, Thanksgiving with my family and my sister's family, and a week in Milwaukee for the Travel Exchange conference for the National Tour Association..

Apparently I scowl when I am on stage!

It was a fun and busy month month, with lots of "wins" from a great time at the conference to some fun football wins (and a very sad loss) to a successful meal at Thanksgiving and a good time with family. Some of you may know that my sister and I only met last summer, so every visit is special. It is great fun when I can see my girls with her two, much younger kids.. Those silly kids call me "Aunt Francie Pants"! I love when I have the chance to spend time with my new found family. I will post a link to read about that in my old blog.

I don't know about you, but sometimes it seems like nothing is going my way. In November, things went my way! I had good work stuff, good family stuff, good stuff with the church that I do social media for, and good stuff with my side hustle..


It was also the month that I had my very first paint party. I did it on a whim, just thought I would try it. My first party was before thanksgiving and over 20 people showed up! It was such fun and what made it even more fun was that I got to meet so many new people. It was so well received that I scheduled another party for two weeks later. It SOLD OUT!! Do you hear what I am saying?? I had 46 people! That's a lot of paint and door hangers!

I tell you this for a couple of reasons. First, as I have posted before, when you do something for the Kingdom, the Lord shines his face on you. I've played around with a side business for year, but only after I started really "SERVING," do I feel like my business took off..

Second, don't be afraid to go out on a limb and just try something new.. I've never really painted before just a few months ago. I never would have dreamed how much I enjoy it and how much peace I find when I am doing it. It calms me so. I certainly would have never dreamed that I would be telling anyone else how to do it, but here I am! And I think it is going pretty well.

Some of my talented new friends!

Last night, I got to make some new friends. Forty six of them, to be exact. They came to my little party, trusting that They were going to have a good time and paint something pretty and they did just that! I'm always amazed at the talent of my new "friends" and their creativity. I think just about everyone left happy with their project. I've heard great comments. I think we did something right. November definitely ended on a high note.

Onward to December. I'm exciting to see what the month brings. I love Christmas and the spirit of joy that is all around. I have another party party on December 2nd and I will be planning more stuff for the end of the month and January. I'm going to be involved in some great Christmas events. I've got to decorate my new 12 foot tree and the rest of my house and most important, I am going to spend time with my family.

What are you focusing on in December?



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